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Implementing the digital office for the 21st Century



.: Today's Business Challenges Require Powerful Technology!

New standards and regulations are creating new records management challenges for all organizations . . .


.: FileNiche® is the answer . . .

FileNiche® harnesses the advanced technologies of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to create a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for organizing, storing, managing and securing all of your scanned paper records, computer-generated documents, digital images and content from one location.




Records Management Solutions FileNiche® is a Web-based Content Management Solution that is and will become the standard of the future of all of your records storage management nightmares! It combines the latest in cutting-edge technology with a very robust, user-friendly learning curve that makes our software just as popular with small businesses as with fortune 500 level corporations. The FileNiche® solution is available for managing all of your organization's documents, images, e-mail, data, and projects. FileNiche's® unique Web technology, and user-friendly interface make it the overall best solution on today's document management market

.: Why FileNiche®?

Because, users can seamlessly capture, store, share, and manage all their corporate records, documents and emails in a secure environment, both locally and remotely using the World Wide Web. With offices headquartered in the Seattle Washington area, Records Management Solutions, Inc., is expanding the information marketplace and deploying its world-class solution to organizations across the globe.


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